Journal's Sections

Permanent Sections

  1. Editor-in-Chief Message
    A message from the Editor in Chief discussing the journal's goals, direction, and key issues addressed in the current issue.

  2. Editorial
    A short article written by an invited author that discusses a specific topic or current issue in the field of library and information science.

  3. Original Research:
    A scientific study presenting new, unpublished results that contribute new knowledge or deeper understanding to the field.

  4. Articles
    Written pieces that explore various topics within the journal's scope, including reviews, opinions, and theoretical discussions.

  5. Ongoing Research
    Summaries or updates on current research projects that are still in progress, providing insights into ongoing studies.

  6. Bibliographies
    Comprehensive lists of sources and references related to specific topics, aiding researchers in finding relevant literature.

  7. Reports and News
    Updates and information on recent developments, events, and activities in the field of library and information science

Occasional Sections

On specific occasions, the journal includes some new sections to publish research or articles focused on that topic or occasion. Examples from our archive:

1. Special section about Professor Heshman Qassem

2. Special section about articles in the field of archives and documents

3. Special section to publish selected papers of Cybrarians conference.

4. Special section about open access.