Aims and Scope

Cybrarians Journals is dedicated to advancing the field of library and information science through the exploration and dissemination of innovative technologies and contemporary applications. Our mission is to foster a deeper understanding of how modern technological advancements can enhance information management, access, and dissemination in libraries and related environments, with a special emphasis on developments in Arab countries.

Cybrarians Journals publishes original research, case studies, reviews, and theoretical papers that address a wide range of topics within the realm of library and information science, with a particular focus on modern applications and technology usage. We seek to cover, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  1. Digital Libraries and e-recources: Exploration of the creation, management, and utilization of digital libraries, including metadata standards, digital preservation, and user interfaces.

  2. Information Retrieval and Data Mining: Innovative approaches to information retrieval, data mining techniques, and their applications in libraries.

  3. Library Automation and Management Systems: Studies on the implementation and impact of automated systems in library operations, including integrated library systems (ILS), RFID technology, and cloud-based solutions.

  4. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Libraries: Examination of ICT applications in libraries, such as virtual reference services, mobile applications, and social media integration.

  5. Big Data and Analytics: Utilization of big data and analytics in library settings for enhanced decision-making, service personalization, and trend analysis.

  6. E-Learning and Information Literacy: The role of libraries in supporting e-learning initiatives, developing information literacy programs, and leveraging educational technologies.

  7. Emerging Technologies: Insights into the adoption and impact of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and virtual/augmented reality in the field of information science.

  8. Digital Preservation and Curation: Strategies and technologies for the long-term preservation and curation of digital content, including digital archiving and repository management.

  9. Open Access and Scholarly Communication: Discussions on the open access movement, scholarly communication trends, and the role of libraries in facilitating access to scholarly information.

  10. Technology and Modern Applications in Different Types of Libraries: Exploration of technology and modern applications across various types of libraries, including public, academic, special, and school libraries, with a focus on innovative practices in the Arab world.

  11. AI Implementation in Libraries and Research: Examination of the integration and impact of artificial intelligence in library operations and research, including AI-driven cataloging, automated information retrieval, predictive analytics, and personalized user services, with a particular emphasis on implementations in Arab libraries and research institutions.

Cybrarians Journal aims to be a leading platform for scholars, practitioners, and technologists to share their insights, discoveries, and advancements, thereby contributing to the continual evolution of libraries and information science in the digital age, with a particular focus on developments and innovations in Arab countries.