The reality of the information services in the libraries of Assiut University, New Valley Branch: an analytical study


  • Sumaya Sayed Librarian, Al Rashida Primary School New Valley Governorate, Egypt


Library service, academic libraries, Egypt


Study aims to recognize the factualism of services of libraries data which offered by new valley university libraries and what extent of fulfilling needs offered by these libraries as it shed light on the latest current developments in the IT “information technology”. and the possibility of applying in libraries of new valley universities  

The study mainly depend on the descriptive analytical methods which matching with the outcomes of my study questionnaires survey and interviews were used as methods for collecting data. and sample of my study includes 469members of university staff and the staff who relate university libraries .interviews had been performed with mangers of those libraries to recognize the types of services offered by libraries in the university, what requirements the libraries need to offer better services to meet and fulfil the needs of readers and researchers. and my study showed that quality of information services in this respect and what benefits is quite good by 71.8 %, the most important challenges that hinder digital information properly and suitably is human challenges such as the scarcity or shortage of qualified staff to apply information technology by ratio 97.8% and the weakness infrastructure of it like computer sets ,soft ware and technological systems and websites by ratio 96.1% improve the services in these libraries and develop them that match with the needs of 21st century. The study summed up to a groups of some requirements:

* doing more courses and workshop to increase their abilities to use smart sets and computers efficiently                     

* benefiting from supporting donor communities in the field of preparing infrastructure of libraries and digitally groups

* devoting apart of budget in purchasing computers sets and modern equipment.

* doing more studies related the effects of modern technology uses application on the information services.

* putting suggested image to develop the services of IT in new valley university libraries.



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